Concours Information

 Mid America Ford and Team Shelby honors concours classes for Shelby's 1965-1970, 1969 and 1970 Boss.  Please utilize appropriate contact located on our Contact Us page for questions and concerns. All classes are set to help in the preservation of the classic Shelby and Boss Mustang. If you would like to register your Shelby or Boss mustang for the improved concours judging, please complete and send in the Concours Registration Form.

These classes are as listed.

             Heritage 1) Diamond                           Heritage Elite  1) Diamond

                              2) Ruby                                                             2) Ruby

                              3) Emerald                                                       3) Emerald


 Heritage Elite class is designed for cars that have been restored to original condition with the correct OEM Ford assembly line era parts, i.e.  belts, battery, exhaust etc.  No reproduction parts are allowed. Bare metal parts should have the correct finish and not painted. Plated parts should also have the correct plated finish and not painted.  Cars need to be assembled in the appropriate assembly line manner.  Workmanship should be consistent with assembly line techniques of the appropriate assembly plants. Vehicle must look as it did the day it was delivered new from the dealer to the first owner.


Heritage class will only allow the best available reproduction parts and accessories as well as painted metal parts that represent the correct finish. Only the highest quality reproduction/replacement parts need to be used to achieve maximum score.

 Both classes are expected to have proper alignment, (fit and finish), of all body panels. Paint and chrome should be free of defects or blemishes.  Soft and hard interior items should be of the highest quality.  Engine bay and luggage area should be clean and detailed. All mechanical components and systems should be in proper operating condition in compliance with the manufacturers original build specifications. Each car is expected to use Ford / Shelby assembly line procedures and hardware as detailed in the Ford /Shelby assembly line manuals.  Vehicle identification numbers are consistent, visible and accurately reflect the actual equipment on the vehicle. Tires are the proper size, manufacturer, and new or nearly new condition.


 Vintage original, un-restored class cars are low mileage with original factory parts and equipment as ordered. This class is intended to recognize the car and encourage the owner to retain and display the car in its present condition for the enjoyment and continuing educational benefit of the enthusiast.

 Qualifying cars cannot have more than 3 repainted body panels. Cars in this class will be judged on originality. Minor imperfections in the paint, undercarriage, surface rust, etc. should be considered normal wear. Body rust, major dents, or torn upholstery are not considered normal wear. Allowances will be made for general use items being replaced (Tires, battery, belts, etc.).  Detailing of engine compartment and undercarriage is discouraged. The purpose of this class is to preserve the past. The natural patina of original un-restored parts is expected.



Technical inspection will be done on all vehicles entered into concours, prior to or during judging. The inspection includes engine starting along with forward and reverse movement, all lights, turn signals, horns, windows and glass, tachometer and clock, dash gauges, seat adjustment. All cars are required to have hood and trunk lid open. Windows rolled up, and convertible soft top in up position.

 All vehicles participating in concours judging must remain in place even after judging has been completed.  Vehicles must remain in place during show hours. Vehicles removed early will be disqualified from receiving an award or certification.

Judging Standards

 Mid America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals concours scoring is based on the deduction method point system.  Points are deducted for those items whose appearance or operation does not meet the excepted judging standard as determined by the various judging teams.

The judging standard is a continually evolving, constantly updated, set of standards based on the current knowledge of the assembly procedures and production parts used by Shelby and Ford Motor Co.